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Cd - John Wayne West-in Music And Poster Art-box Set-10 Cds



The greatest-ever tribute to the man they called 'Duke'! John Wayne is gone but not forgotten - he is still among the Top Three most popular movie actors of all time. This limited edition DVD/CD box set includes: The soundtrack music to his never-to-be-forgotten westerns! All the title songs by the original artists! Songs inspired by the movies! 316 Songs In All! Comes in a wonderfully packaged LP size box with an exclusive 464-page book packed with photos, movie art and more. Plus a DVD packed with movie trailers and more. All packaged in a lavish Boxset!!!

Disc 1: Overture (from: THE ALAMO), De Guella And The Green Leaves Of Summer, David Crockett Arrives (from: THE ALAMO), David Crockett's Speech (from: THE ALAMO), Raid For Cattle (from: THE ALAMO), Tennessee Babe (from: THE ALAMO), Here's To The Ladies (from: THE ALAMO), Ballad Of The Alamo (from: THE ALAMO), The Green Leaves Of Summer (from: THE ALAMO), General Santa Anna (from: THE ALAMO), David Crockett (from: THE ALAMO), Charge Of Santa Anna: Death Of David Crockett, Finale (from: THE ALAMO), The Ballad Of The Alamo (from: THE ALAMO), North To Alaska (from: NORTH TO ALASKA), If You Knew (from: NORTH TO ALASKA), Go North (from: NORTH TO ALASKA), Main Title (from: THE COMANCHEROS), Red Wing (from: THE COMANCHEROS), The Comancheros (from: THE COMANCHEROS), Main Title (from: LIBERTY VALANCE), The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, End Title (from: LIBERTY VALANCE)

Disc 2: Overture (ext. version):How The West Was Won, Main Title (from: HOW THE WEST WAS WON), This Is The West (from:HOW THE WEST WAS WON), The Erie Canal (from: HOW THE WEST WAS WON), Two Hearts On A Tree (from: HOW THE WEST WAS WON), Shenandoah (from: HOW THE WEST WAS WON), First Meeting (from: HOW THE WEST WAS WON), First Kiss (from: HOW THE WEST WAS WON), The Morning After (from: HOW THE WEST WAS WON), The River Pirates (Stalking And Killing), Godspeed Eve (Godspeed Eve / The Rapids), The Burial (Bereavement / Rock Of Ages), Wagon Train Forward (Wagon Train & War), Sit Down Sister (from: HOW THE WEST WAS WON), Wanderin' (from: HOW THE WEST WAS WON), The Jump Off Point (from:HOW THE WEST..), Cleve Van Valen (extended version), Poor Wayfarin' Stranger (from:HOW THE WEST..), Raise A Ruckus Tonight (from: HOW THE WEST..), Come Share My Life (from: HOW THE WEST ..), Cheyennes (ext. version)(from:HOW THE WEST..), Careless Love (from: HOW THE WEST WAS WON), Gold Claim (from: HOW THE WEST WAS WON), What Was Your Name In The States (ext.vers.), He's Gone Away (from: HOW THE WEST WAS WON), A Home In The Meadow (from: HOW THE WEST..), Marriage Proposal (from:HOW THE WEST WAS WON), Entr'acte (ext. version):How The West Was Won, Mr. Lincoln (from: HOW THE WEST WAS WON), He's Linus' Boy (from: HOW THE WEST WAS WON), I'm Sad And I'm Lonely (from: HOW THE WEST..), When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Disc 3: Zeb's Return (from: HOW THE WEST WAS WON), The Pony Express (from: HOW THE WEST WAS WON), A Railroader's Bride I'll Be, Workin' (from: HOW THE WEST WAS WON), The Jugglers (from: HOW THE WEST WAS WON), No Goodbye (outtake) (from: HOW THE WEST..), Zeb And Jethro (from: HOW THE WEST WAS WON), Buffalo Stampede (Aftermath), Climb A Higher Hill (ext. version), The Van Valen Auction (from: HOW THE WEST..), Gant (from: HOW THE WEST WAS WON), No Goodbye (from: HOW THE WEST WAS WON), Celebration (from: HOW THE WEST WAS WON), Finale (from: HOW THE WEST WAS WON), Finale Ultimo (from: HOW THE WEST WAS WON), Exit Music: Banks Of The Sacramento, Miss Bailey's Ghost (playback), A Home In The Meadow (playback version), When I Was Single (playback version), Shenandoah (alternate version), Rock Of Ages (playback version), The Erie Canal (playback version), Wait For The Hoedown (extended version), First Meeting (alternate version), No Goodbye (demo) (from: HOW THE WEST..), A Home In The Meadow (alternate version), Main Title & Katherine Theme(from:McLINTOCK!), Hurry Up Hoedown (from: McLINTOCK!), The Other Woman (from: McLINTOCK!), Rowdaych (from: McLINTOCK!), Run Katie Run (from: McLINTOCK!), McClintock's Theme (from: McLINTOCK!), The Young (from: McLINTOCK!), The Lover's Waltz (from: McLINTOCK!), Just Right For Me (from: McLINTOCK!), Red Garters (from: McLINTOCK!), The Cakewalk (from: McLINTOCK!), Katie With Light Red Hair(from:McLINTOCK!)

Disc 4: Main Title (from: THE SONS OF KATIE ELDER), Texas Is A Woman (from: THE SONS OF K.ELDER), The Elders Fight (from: THE SONS OF K.ELDER), Dangerous Journey (from:THE SONS OF K.ELDER), Trouble In Town (from: THE SONS OF K.ELDER), Return To Town (from: THE SONS OF K.ELDER), The Sons Of Katie Elder, Rebuked (from: THE SONS OF K.ELDER), Memories of Clearwater(from:THE SONS OF K.E.), Sheriff Ambushed (from: THE SONS OF K. ELDER), Katie's Bible (from: THE SONS OF KATIE ELDER), Hastings Ranch (from: THE SONS OF K.ELDER), El Dorado (from: EL DORADO), La Mariposa (from: EL DORADO), Dos Espuelas (from: EL DORADO), Free Frijoles (from: EL DORADO), Hasta Luego (from: EL DORADO), Shoot Out (from: EL DORADO), La Noche Y Las Estrellas (from: EL DORADO), Cuerval (from: EL DORADO), La Cantina (from: EL DORADO), True Grit (from: TRUE GRIT), Rooster (from: TRUE GRIT), Mattie And Little Blackie (from: TRUE GRIT), A Dastardly Deed (from: TRUE GRIT), Papa's Things (from: TRUE GRIT), Chen Lee And The General (from: TRUE GRIT), Big Trail (from: TRUE GRIT), Cogburn Country (from: TRUE GRIT)

Disc 5: Dixie (from: THE HORSE SOLDIERS), I Left My Love (from: THE HORSE SOLDIERS), Lorena (from: THE HORSE SOLDIERS), Bonnie Blue Flag (from: THE HORSE SOLDIERS), The Girl I Left Behind Me, Deep River / Lorena (THE HORSE SOLDIERS), Kingdom Coming (from: THE HORSE SOLDIERS), Tenting Tonight (from: THE HORSE SOLDIERS), By The Campfire (from: THE HORSE SOLDIERS), Main Title-Ballad Of The War Wagon(WAR WAGON), Ballad Of The War Wagon (Studio) (WAR WAGON)

Disc 6: Main Title (from: THE UNDEFEATED), The Battle Cry Of Freedom / Dixie(UNDEFEATED), Yankee Doodle / End Title (THE UNDEFEATED), Ballad Of John Chisum (from: CHISUM), Polka (from: CHISUM), Turn Me Around (from: CHISUM), Main Title / End Title (from: RIO LOBO), Main Title (from: BIG JAKE), End Title (from: BIG JAKE), Orchestral Sequence (from: THE TRAIN ROBBERS), Main Title (CAHILL, UNITED STATES MARSHAL), Streets Of Laredo (from:CAHILL, US MARSHAL), Orchestral Sequence (from:CAHILL, US MARSHAL), A Man Gets To Thinking (CAHILL, US MARSHAL), Main Title / End (from: ROOSTER COGBURN), Main Title (from: THE SHOOTIST), Tit-willow (from: THE SHOOTIST), End Title (from: THE SHOOTIST)

Disc 7: Main Title / Return From Patrol (RIO GRANDE), Yellow Stripes (from: RIO GRANDE), Soldiers Fight (from: RIO GRANDE), I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen(RIO GRANDE), Dispossessed (from: RIO GRANDE), Cattle Call (from: RIO GRANDE), Indian Chant (from: RIO GRANDE), Aha, San Antone (from: RIO GRANDE), Reunion (from: RIO GRANDE), Indian Raid / Escape (from: RIO GRANDE), The Erie Canal (from: RIO GRANDE), Laundresses' Row (from: RIO GRANDE), My Gal Is Purple (from: RIO GRANDE), Down By The Glenside (from: RIO GRANDE), Footsore Cavalry (from: RIO GRANDE), Meeting At The Rio Grande (from: RIO GRANDE), Confederate Dollars And Yankee Gold, The Girl I Left Behind Me (from: RIO GRANDE), Tyree Meets The Wagon Train (from:RIO GRANDE), Call Your Volunteers (from: RIO GRANDE), Indian Dance (from: RIO GRANDE), Nighttime Approach (from: RIO GRANDE), Coming Home (from: RIO GRANDE), Dixie / End Title (from: RIO GRANDE), Main Title (from: THE FIGHTING KENTUCKIAN), Eight Hundred Miles (FIGHTING KENTUCKIAN), Oh, Hangman, Let Me Down(FIGHTING KENTUCKIAN), Six Hundred Miles (FIGHTING KENTUCKIAN), Main Title / End Title (from: HONDO), The Searchers (from: THE SEARCHERS), Skip To My Lou (THE SEARCHERS), We Will Gather At The River (THE SEARCHERS), The Searchers (Studio) (THE SEARCHERS), Main Title (from: RIO BRAVO), My Rifle, Pony & Me (Intro by John Wayne), Cindy (from: RIO BRAVO), De Guello (from: RIO BRAVO), Rio Bravo (Studio version) (from: RIO BRAVO), My Rifle, My Pony And Me (Studio) (RIO BRAVO)

Disc 8: Main Title / End Title (from: THE BIG TRAIL), Square Dance (from: THE BIG TRAIL), Main Title / End Title (from: HAUNTED GOLD), Sweet Genevieve (from: HAUNTED GOLD), Main Title (from: TEXAS CYCLONE), End Title (from: TEXAS CYCLONE), Main Title: My Pony Boy (RIDE HIM, COWBOY), Till We Meet Again (from: RIDE HIM, COWBOY), She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain, Main Title (from: THE BIG STAMPEDE), Oh Susanna (from: THE BIG STAMPEDE), End Title (from: THE BIG STAMPEDE), Main Title: March (from: TELEGRAPH TRAIL), Orchestral Sequence (from: TELEGRAPH TRAIL), Country Dance (from: TELEGRAPH TRAIL), Oh Susanna (from: TELEGRAPH TRAIL), Mandy Lee (from: TELEGRAPH TRAIL), Main Title (from: SOMEWHERE IN SONORA), March (from: SOMEWHERE IN SONORA), Main Title (spanish) (THE MAN FROM MONTEREY), [El Zapatero] (from: THE MAN FROM MONTEREY), [Confida a me] (from: THE MAN FROM MONTEREY), Main Title (Sagebrush Trail), A Cowboy's Song Of Fate (RIDERS OF DESTINY), Song Of The Wild (from: RIDERS OF DESTINY), Main Title (The Star Packer (THE LUCKY TEXAN), Main Title (Blue Steel) (WEST OF THE DIVIDE), March (from: THE MAN FROM UTAH), Main Title (Randy Rides Alone), Sobre Las Olas (from: RANDY RIDES ALONE), Main Title (from: 'NEATH ARIZONA SKIES), Main Title (The Desert Trail)(RAINBOW VALLEY), When We Were Young And Foolish (PARAD.CANYON), Once Again (from: PARADISE CANYON), Main Title (from: WESTWARD HO), Covered Wagons Rolling West (WESTWARD HO), The Rocky Road To Town (WESTWARD HO), The Girl I See In My Dreams (WESTWARD HO), Drinkin' (from: LAWLESS RANGE), On The Banks Sunny San Juan (LAWLESS RANGE), The Old Dusty Road Back Home (LAWLESS RANGE), Main Title (from: THE LAWLESS NINETIES), Oh Susanna (THE LAWLESS NINETIES), Main Title (from: KING OF THE PECOS), Orchestral Sequence (from: KING OF THE PECOS), Main Title (from: LONELY TRAIL), Camptown Races (from: THE LONELY TRAIL), Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (THE LONELY TRAIL), Old Folks At Home (from: THE LONELY TRAIL), Main Title / End Title (PALS OF THE SADDLE), Orchestral Sequence (OVERLAND STAGE RAIDERS)

Disc 9: Main Title (from: STAGECOACH), Orchestral Sequence (from: STAGECOACH), [Al pensar en ti] (from: STAGECOACH), End Title (from: STAGECOACH), End Title (from: WYOMING OUTLAW), Main Title (from: THE NEW FRONTIER), The Land Of The New Frontier (NEW FRONTIER), [Way Out On The Range] (THE NEW FRONTIER), Main Title / End Title (ALLEGHENY UPRISING), Jeannie McDougal (from: ALLEGHENY UPRISING), Fife and Drum March (ALLEGHENY UPRISING), Yankee Doodle (from: ALLEGHENY UPRISING), Main Title / End Title (from: DARK COMMAND), Main Title (from: THE SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS), Unconstant Lover (THE SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS), Brahms Lullaby (THE SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS), Orchestral Sequence (SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS), Happy, Happy Hunting Ground (SHEPHERD HILLS), Main Title / End Title (from: THE SPOILERS), California Joe (from: IN OLD CALIFORNIA), Jerusalem My Happy Home (IN OLD CALIFORNIA), March (from: IN OLD CALIFORNIA), There's Gold In The Valley (OLD CALIFORNIA), Main Title (from: LADY TAKES A CHANCE), Singin' It, Swingin' It (LADY TAKES A CHANCE), Main Title / End Title (IN OLD OKLAHOMA), Red Wing (from: IN OLD OKLAHOMA), Put Your Arms Around Me Honey (OLD OKLAHOMA), Down By The Old Mill Stream (OLD OKLAHOMA), Pierpoint Morgan (from: IN OLD OKLAHOMA), Main Title / End Title (TALL IN THE SADDLE), Main Title / End Title (BARBARY COAST), Too Much Mustard (FLAME OF BARBARY COAST), Baby Blue Eyes (FLAME OF BARBARY COAST), Love, Here Is My Heart (BARBARY COAST), Love, Here Is My Heart (from: BARBARY COAST), Carrie, Marry Harry (from: BARBARY COAST), By The Light Of The Silvery Moon, That Man Is Always On My Mind, Have A Heart (FLAME OF BARBARY COAST), Main Title (from: DAKOTA), Coax Me! (from: DAKOTA), Orchestral Sequence (ANGEL AND THE BADMAN), There's Something In Your Eyes (BADMAN)

Disc 10: Main Title (from: FORT APACHE), McCafferty's March (from: FORT APACHE), Sweet Genevieve (from: FORT APACHE), Orchestral Sequence (from: FORT APACHE), Irish Jig (from: FORT APACHE), Oh, Dem Golden Slippers (from: FORT APACHE), Col. Thursday's Charge (from: FORT APACHE), Settle Down To Missouri (from: RED RIVER), She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, Orchestral Sequence (YELLOW RIBBON), Main Title (from: THREE GODFATHERS), Streets of Laredo (from: THREE GODFATHERS), Orchestral Sequence (from: THREE GODFATHERS), Shall We Gather At The River (GODFATHERS), Opening 'Screen Directors' Guild Assignment', Intro by George Marshall and John Ford, Stagecoach, Short discussion of the production (from:NBC), Closing by Frank Barton (from: 1949 NBC)

Disc 11: Stagecoach - Trailer (1939), She Wore A Yellow Ribbon - Trailer (1948), Three Godfathers - Trailer (1948), Rio Grande - Trailer (1950), Hondo - Trailer (1953), The Searchers - Trailer (1956), Natalie Wood Interview, Jeffrey Hunter Interview, Monument Valley, Rio Bravo - Trailer (1959), The Horse Soldiers - Trailer (1959), The Alamo - Trailer (October 24, 1960), North To Alaska - Trailer (1960), The Comancheros - Trailer (1961), The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance - Trailer, How The West Was Won - Trailer (1962), McLintock! - Trailer (1963) + Making Of, The Sons Of Katie Elder - Trailer (1965), The War Wagon - Trailer (1967) + Makin Of, El Dorado - Trailer (June 1967), True Grit - Trailer (July 1969), The Undefeated - Trailer (November 1969), Chisum - Trailer (1970) + Orig. Documentation, Rio Lobo - Trailer (December 1970), Big Jake - Trailer (June 1971), The Cowboys - 3 Trailer (1972) + Making Of, The Train Robbers - Trailer (February 1973), Cahill, United States Marshal -Trailer (1973), Rooster Cogburn - Trailer (1975), The Shootist - Trailer (1976)

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