Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse (Coração de Dragão 3: A Maldição do Feiticeiro) - Mark Mckenzie (Importado) Autografado/Limitado


Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse / Coração de Dragão 3: A Maldição do Feiticeiro (2015)

Música de Mark Mckenzie



Lista das músicas:

1. Clans Stirred to War

2. Jousting Final Test to Knighthood

3. Pay up!

4. One Rejected Knight

5. The Poor Are First to Suffer and First to Help

6. Dragon and Eggs Discovered

7. Shared Heart (Includes Dragonheart Theme)

8. Show Us This Dragon

9. Follow Me

10. First Attack

11. Gareth on Fire

12. Smoke Trick Rescue

13. Like a Thorny Vine

14. Bathing Beauty

15. Shadow Hopping

16. Wrong Assumptions

17. Desires Can Spoil a Dream and a Heart

18. A Knight Is Sworn to Valor (Includes Dragonheart Theme)

19. Honor Is in Their Every Word

20. Goodbye My Friend (Includes Dragonheart Theme)

21. Clans Arrive for War

22. Battle to the Death (Includes Dragonheart Theme)

23. Final Victory and End Credits (Includes Dragonheart Theme)


Edição Limitada 1.000 cópias - Varèse Limited Series

Fabricado: EUA